The theme of DEEP-2021 is:

"New Collaborations in Deep Earth Studies"

Call for Proposals

Based on the preliminary topics, we CALL for session proposals. Each session proposal must include session title, short description within 300 words, intending conveners and keynote speaker(s). Please send your proposals to and  before 20 May, 2021. Your suggestions will be taken into consideration. The final session will be decided by the numbers of abstracts received.

The major preliminary topics are as follows:

1、Which critical areas of the Earth are still largely unexplored by deep lithospheric surveys (Global deep exploration programs)?

2、Lithospheric structure and deep dynamics (the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and adjacent areas)

3、Lithospheric deep structure and evolution across orogenic belts

4、Deep earth material probing and isotopic mapping

5、Deep scientific drilling: engineering and opportunities

6、Mineral resources and deep processes

7、Geohazards and crust deformation

8、New techniques and methods of deep exploration into crust and mantle

9、"Earth CT": A new initiative of global exploration into deep Earth within the framework of the ILP coordinating committee on Global Geo Transects (GGT)

Abstracts and Papers

The abstract submission tool will be open online at from 10 June 2021. The deadline to submit your abstract is 1st August 2021. Only registrants to DEEP-2021 may submit abstracts. The abstract used for the online program shall not exceed two A4 pages including photos, figures and references.


Selected expanded abstracts will be published in Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) in the form of supplementary issue before the symposium, which will be presented as one of ceremony activities to mark the Centennial Anniversary of the Geological Society of China in 2022. This special issue will be indexed by SCI. Detailed requirements of the abstracts can be found below in the instructions of abstract submission. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition)  is a Wiley open-access journal and indexed in Web of Science. Its current Impact Factor is 1.973, with a JCR category rank of 116/200 (Q3) in geoscience, multidisciplinary; 2019 geosciences rank of 140/435 (Q2).  


Instructions of Expanded Abstracts  

Research papers contributed to the symposium will be recommended to international journals for publication after the symposium, such as Tectonophysics, Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) , etc.

Presentation of Papers

The Scientific Programme of DEEP-2021 will consist of Colloquia, Symposia, and Workshops. Colloquia papers will be invited by the Organizing and Scientific Programme Committees. All scientific sessions will consist of oral and poster presentations. Oral and poster sessions will carry equal weight regarding the quality and level of the contributions.


Authors may choose either the oral or poster form for presentation of their contribution. The Organizing and Scientific Programme Committees will consider the author’s preference for oral or poster session, but the final decision will be made by the Committee.


All DEEP-2021 sessions and events will be held in a virtual platform. Only registered attendees will be able to access all of scientific content, from posters to general sessions. With more than 200 attendees from over 20 countries, we also offer numerous opportunities for you to network to meet new colleagues and friends. For most sessions, longer pre-recorded presentations and virtual posters will be available for attendees to view when the meeting begins on 26 October, 2021. The live sessions will focus on short overview presentations and moderated discussions. These discussions will also be recorded and available during the dates of the meeting. This structure maximizes engagement and the ability for broad participation across time zones.


Further guidelines for each session type will be given on Resources and instruction are also available to all presenters to ensure a successful presentation at the DEEP-2021. 

Upload Oral Presentation Example 1: Submarine Volvanic Systems..., by John R. Delaney, from AGU 2020 Session V018
Upload Oral Presentation Example 2:Cenzoic Intracontinental Deformation Pattern of the Himalayan- Tibetan Orogen...., Andrew V. Zuza, from AGU 2020 Session T037
Poster Example

Meeting Platform

The live sessions of DEEP-2021 will make use of VooV( and VooV webinar.  


In joining these, all attendees will be offered the option of using a web browser rather than the VooV app.  Most major participant functions are supported in the browser, including sharing screens, chat, and breakout rooms.


VooV Meeting Operation Guide